In the past few years, Quadrax & associates have participated in the construction and renovation of a signifiacnt number of distribution centres and factories.

In a field were every minutes counts, Quadrax wisely plans every detail in order to optimize performance and creating a win-win relationship between the companie and it's clients, making even the most complex project a complete success.

On multiple occasions, Quadrax, always listening to its clients needs, has been able to innovate and bring practical and efficient solutions in order to perfect specific aspects of a project. Quadrax is able to achieve this because it has a devoted and dynamic team whose first mission is to satisfy all the needs of its clients.

Major projects

Lefebvre & Benoît

Lefebvre & Benoît

2011 (over 27 M$)

Construction of a material distribution center including the headquarter offices, several storage buildings, a production manufactory and a garage for truck maintenance. More details...

All the projects


2009 (500 000 $)

Renovation of the service area of the factory. More details...


2005 (1 M$)

Expansion of a commercial building with an 15,000 sqft area. More details...



2012 (2,1 M $)

9,144 m2 (30,000 pi2) extension of a factory for the manufacturing and transformation of polyurethane, polyester fiber and derivative products. More details...



2006 (6.7 M$)

Construction of a truck dealership (project completed by the client). More details...