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Through their expertise, rigor, their involvement but also by their integrity, Quadrax & Associates currently impose as essential players in the construction industry in Quebec.

Respect, precision and integrity

Guided by the highest standards  of quality and efficiency,  Quadrax & Associates are well-known in the commercial, industrial, institutional and heavy residential construction. It is by its rigorous, innovative but ultimately by its capacity to ensure  the completion of large-scale projects as do demonstrate its numerous and prized accomplishments.
Either as a construction manager, general entrepreneur or consultant, Quadrax & Associates understand the  necessities and the constraints of its clients. Specialized in value engineering, the company is also able to offer energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in order to obtain a LEED certification.

With its capacity to manage with accuracy and integrity large-scale projects, the company becomes an indispensable partner in order  to ensure  the success of any and all renovation and/or construction  no matter the nature, scale or complexity.