Quadrax & Associates

Quadrax strength is based on its versatile and experienced team, always seeking new challenges. Furthermore, it distinguishes itself by its flexibility and by seeking excellence in the execution of even the most complex projects. With its expertise and its remarkable implication in all stages, Quadrax & Associates offers its clients the satisfaction and serenity for which it aspires.

Customer testimonials

« M. Labelle knew how to supervise my project with accuracy and an amazing professionalism. This is an honest and dedicated team which completely devoted itself to the success of my project. » - Jean Salette, owner Le St-Martin Hotel. »

« The collaboration, professionalism and respect of the guidelines as well as the availability of the different experts helped in the realization of great projects while maintaining tight schedules . » - Pierre-Yves Ostiguy, Vice-President Nautilus Plus

« Not only did you make-it an imperative to maintain your commitments and respect our contract, but you have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to the various contingencies. »-  Hugo Bernard, President Les Systèmes Intérieurs Bernard & MNJ.

« We were able to observe your professionalism and your leadership qualities in the achievement of the projects while meeting budget and schedules requirements without being detrimental to the quality of the project. » - Pasquin St-Jean & Ass. « Their concern for quality and  respecting deadlines proved that we had made the right choice by working with Quadrax. » - Villa Val des Arbres.